Welcome to JoeForTexas

I’m a 68-year-old guy who has never run for public office before. I’m a self-employed audio-video technician. I’ve been happily married to my bride, Lisa, for 27 years and I am running for the Democratic nomination for governor of Texas.

It’s time for Texans to remember who we are.

We are the can-do people who built the first integrated circuit and the first domed stadium. We built and we own the energy business in the US; fossil fuels and renewables. We dug a 25-mile long ditch and built the largest inland port in the nation. We have the biggest medical center in the world. And we can do so much more if we get our mojo back. That takes leadership and we don’t have it now. To be who we really are takes vision, commitment, and some courage. Courage like we saw in the response to Hurricane Harvey. People setting aside their differences and working together with bravery and passion.

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